August 15, 2010   2 notes

A possible solution to Overpopulation

I was watching Dick Smith’s documentary the other night about ‘overpopulation’ and how Australia and the world are digging a very deep hole in terms of exponential population growth that the earth’s resources cannot sustain. As an incentive, he is offering a million dollars cash to a person under 30 who comes up with the best original solution to this dilemma. I think I may have the answer.

For the world’s population to stay the same, each couple would need to produce two offspring, basically replacing themselves when they die. To effectively half the world’s population, all that would be needed is for each couple to have only one child. We would drop from 6 billion to 3 billion within a hundred years. 
If Dick Smith or anyone else needs further guidance in solving any of the world’s biggest problems, drop me an email. 

NB. Considering what happened with the one child policy in China and with many of the world’s cultures still being extremely patriarchal, the likely outcome of this idea would be the world becoming one giant sausage fest. 

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