October 3, 2010


Going to church may not be such a bad idea after all. A friend of mines brother in law just made a multi million dollar business deal through someone he met at church. Somehow I don’t think he is alone in this. Consider the following

>Solid Christian values have been at the heart of the traditional Western family unit for centuries, therefore it is logical that the church will attract the type of people that revel in this fairly conservative outlook on life

>By this I mean churches will inevitably by filled with upper middle class families, many of whom are likely to be professionals and generally people of good moral fibre, evidenced by their ongoing loyalty to giving up their Sunday mornings

>So far we have cut out at least the shitter half of society and if you pick your suburb right, are now given a great opportunity to make fantastic contacts. I am guessing prominent church’s in influential suburbs would be crawling with lawyers, doctors, accountants and various other millionaires. Take a look at the carpark next time you drive past one, it’s like a BMW dealership.

>Moreover, if you are looking for a faithful spouse the right church would easily give RSVP.com a run for it’s money. Here you have a captive audience of people who once again feel the moral obligation to give up their Sunday morning in order to be a good person. This, along with the church’s sense of community as well the traditional middle class upbringing essentially culls a large portion of the population, leaving you with far more potential partners