September 2, 2010

Some Lifehacks

- For a week only watch ABC/sky news/national geographic/ discovery channel. Do this regularly and you will be more intelligent

- If you are unhappy with something, rather than accept it complain and resist until you get your own way. Chances are if you return something to a shop and demand to see the manager, you will get your refund despite what it says on the receipt.

- Learn to view other humans as sophisticated animals. This will help you in avoiding disappointment in most life situations.

- Eat a consistently healthy diet and do regular exercise You will live longer and feel better.

- When you talk to people, try conversation starters that aren’t generic such as, lovely day isn’t it? If you do this effectively people will think you are “quirky” and “out there”.

- If you ever have to buy raw ingredients such as flour, sugar, baking soda etc. buy the homebrand option. It is the same thing and will save you money.

- If you are too nice to people, they will come to expected it and your benevolence will be wasted. Show that sometimes you can be a prick and people will view the niceness in a much higher regard.

- Buy things that you can on the internet. You will save money.

- Learn to suck up to people you don’t like. This skill will be particularly useful upon entering the workforce.

- Don’t buy expensive clothes just because of the shop they come from. Dress sensibly and the attention will be taken off your ‘lacoste’ polo shirt and rather be focused on yourself.